Spiritual Growth in the Modern World

My wife Kathy and I started a business over ten years ago dedicated to bringing spiritual tools, knowledge, and understanding to a rapidly changing world.  Over the last 100 years, we have gone from a culture dominated by the horse and buggy to space stations, airplanes, I Pads, and the Internet.  We have decoded the human genome, tamed the atom, and sent humans to the moon.  Yet, there is something strangely amiss in our evolution.  Our spiritual growth has stagnated.  We have yet to successfully plumb the depths of the human mind, understand the mysteries of the human soul, or fully integrate the emotion of love into our politics, religion, or racial relations.

Unfortunately, Spiritual and New Age workshops tend to be among the most segregated venues in the country.  Too often, spiritual information follows the all to familiar dictates of religion. We seek to change that.  Our goal at Tybro is to create an inclusive environment where all races and cultures are welcome to learn under one doctrine; we are all children of a loving Creator.

Spiritual growth in the modern world is a challenging prospect.  Miracles, supernatural phenomena, and true spiritual Masters are hard to come by.  Spiritual tools that work, inspire, and lead the aspirant to higher evolution, are very rare items.

When we don’t get the answer or the help we were looking for, we often conclude that God is not listening or that he has turned us down. What we fail to realize is that there is a right way to pray and a wrong way to pray. Furthermore, there are tools that the Creator has given us that are designed to help insure that our prayers are answered.

My wife and I have experienced hundreds of supernatural events and miracles in our lives.  We have witnessed the appearance of angels, gods, elementals, spontaneous healings, materializations, aura phenomena, and a host of events that defy rational explanation.

We enjoy our work and we look forward to meeting as many of you as possible.  Thank you for stopping by to see us.

Dr. Mitchell and Kathy Gibson


Daniel and Sue Mays

December 8, 2015at 10:14 pm

We have been followers since 2009 and our life has grown way more than we could have imagined . We are very thankful to GOD and all the Blessings and tools that come through the Masters at Tybro. Thank you for all your hard work and bringing this new site for people to grow and know true light. We will be starting our membership and look forward to more growth and blessings. We pray for your continue success . Peace and Love

Zella Seda

December 20, 2015at 3:57 pm

When do you pay the member fee, and how does the membership works? Do you have to have face book in order to be apart of the group? I brought the archangel Medallion Barakiel and I would like to know can you drive wearing the medallion , would it effect the energy?


    December 22, 2015at 10:52 am

    Hello Zella,

    If you go to the Become A Member page you will find everything that is included in the membership. When you click on the subscribe button, you will be able to pay and receive your login information for the membership site. You do not need a Facebook account to be a part of the group. Our Facebook Updates page is a timeline of the most recent posts we have made to our Tybro Facebook page. You are free to wear any medallion while driving. It is actually encouraged.

Toni Cummings

January 13, 2016at 7:12 am

Thank you Masters for creating this space time website to share your golden nuggets of information ! I have been attending most of your seminars and I have quite a few powerful tools for my spiritual needs, and I am still hooked on the out-of-this-world information you share ! I find that, in just reading your material, , is very inspiring and uplifting that takes me to the trusting unknown. Thank you so much for caring about this planet and us living souls on it ! Much success to you !

Most of all, I thank The Creator for His creations, my Masters, Dr. Mitchell and Kathy Gibson !

amelia ingrid jones

April 13, 2016at 12:12 pm

I get social security and ssi checks every month and I want to know will the archangel of great fortune medallion increase my social security and ssi checks and will it help me be able to buy a home. please asap email me today and let me know thank you


    April 19, 2016at 11:56 am

    The medallion connects the user to the energy of The Archangel Barakiel. Whether Barakiel helps you or not is up to him. The better the connection/relationship is between the two of you, the more likely he is to help you.

      amelia jones

      May 5, 2016at 8:48 pm

      this is Amelia jones again and thank you for answering my question. I want to know when I buy the archangel barakiel medallion and use it will I be able to see archangel barakiel in his body form. please asap email me and let me know. thank you


        May 17, 2016at 10:35 am

        You will more than likely not see Barakiel with your physical eyes, but people have seen him in dreams.

Marisa Russo

December 27, 2016at 2:53 am

Dear Dr Mitchell,
Your incredible spiritual knowledge and insights is one of the most superior and profound I have ever come across ….
You are changing souls on a deep level
Thank you is not enough to convey my eternal appreciation
Marisa Russo

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