Thank you deeply to you and the Angelic Realms that make available to us your incredibly powerful Spiritual Growth Instruments. God Bless You


( Italy )

Other Testimonials

Dr. Gibson Your work is excellent and is filled with what I called the divine spark. It has improved my Kyria Meditation and give me much insight into many aspects of my inner being. I am pleased and very happy to be in the realities of your grace and love and the work you are giving out into the world. Long may you both prosper, in love and in light.


( United Kingdom )

Thank-you Dr.Gibson- you are so very generous for sharing your gifts with the world- may blessings from on high shower you and your family


I saw your interview on Conscious Media Network and was spellbound by your stories and presence. I feel privileged to have access to your information.

Randy DuBoff

( Washington )
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