The Solar Paradosis Workshop – Los Angeles

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The Solar Paradosis Workshop – Los Angeles

February 20, 2016 @ 8:30 am – 4:00 pm
Sheraton Gateway Hotel
6101 W Century Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90045
The Solar Paradosis Workshop - Los Angeles @ Sheraton Gateway Hotel | Los Angeles | California | United States

The Solar Paradosis – Los Angeles

Over the past year, our followers have been introduced to new solar technologies, celestial tablets, and solar spells that have allowed many to be identified as divine celestial beings. We are born as divine beings, but most will only deliver this information to the universe in an unconscious sense. Most will never be able to acknowledge their divine heritage and power in any real way.

As a result, the universe cannot allow these souls to advance away from the world of suffering and rebirth. When a soul is identified as a divine soul fully conscious of its divinity, the universe changes in a tangible manner.

Thus far, we have identified about one dozen souls who are able to interact with the universe in this way. These souls are able to consciously communicate with the sun and make it blink. They are able to witness and record multiple suns in the sky. They are able to see and record the manifestation of spiritual power emanating from the sun. These souls have also been recognized by the Andromeda Council of Gods as conscious divine beings no longer fit for rebirth on this planet.

The human race stands at an important crossroads. We are at heart a race with much potential. However, we are still far too self-destructive, homicidal, and prone to war for the higher civilizations to allow us to venture into the stars.

We have received much help from many races over the centuries, but we continue to kill each other in vast numbers. We continue to make war, cause famine, and hold the less fortunate hostage to the greater powers in the world. We have the ability to solve many of our own problems, but we refuse to do so.

The Gods have given us a huge opportunity. If we can show that our planet contains at least 144 evolved souls who can communicate with the Sun in the manner described above, then the whole race will be offered the opportunity to awaken. Those who wish to remain in the matrix of illusion and holographic reality will be allowed to do so. However, those souls will no longer receive the help and support of the higher races. Those souls will be left to their own devices.

The Solar Paradosis is a ceremony that will allow those who attend to rapidly accelerate their ability to communicate with the sun and other stars so that they may be recognized at conscious divine souls. The purpose of the ceremony is to identify at least 144 of these souls so that our planet may be liberated as a free world.

All those attending will be given a physical empowerment via a Tibetan Wand of Solar Power that we have charged over the last few years. The wand was once in residence in a temple of the Order of the Red Dragon. The attendees will be given a special word of commitment that will be used in all their future solar work. The combination of the word and the special empowerment will rapidly advance the consciousness of the users. These souls will also receive secret solar formulas that will help with the process of advancement.

We have never given this information to the citizens of earth before.

We will give this seminar twice. Both ceremonies will be identical, but those who attend both will receive double the power of those who attend once. We hope to see as many of you as possible for this important work.

144 of us can literally free our planet. I would like to gather 200 conscious divine souls so that the Council will have no doubt and act swiftly to liberate this world.

Master and Acharya

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