Exclusive Material

Every month, there will be two bonus items posted for members. These items will be anything from spiritual Tablets, videos, letters, and more. All of these are designed to help you evolve as a human being, as well as improve your life in areas such as health, prosperity, and relationships.


Level 1 Exclusive Material

Archangel Michael Tablet

Djanthi Thoth Hermes Letters to His Son (Part I)


Level 2 Exclusive Material

The Healing Tablet Enhanced

Djanthi Thoth Hermes Letters to His Son (Part II)

The Miracle Prayer Special Edition Movie


Level 3 Exclusive Material

Tablet to Summon Spiritual Wisdom and Knowledge

Spell to Heal Anxiety

Spell to Deepen Sleep


Level 4 Exclusive Material

Transformation Tablet

Planet Spell One


Level 5 Exclusive Material

Basic Candle Control Tablet I

Basic Candle Control Tablet II


Level 6 Exclusive Material

DNA Tablet I

DNA Tablet II

DNA Tablet III

Prayer Higher Mind Meditation


Level 7 Exclusive Material

The Anahita Impasto

The Solar Card


Level 8 Exclusive Material

Jade Emperor Spell

Li Current Spell Six

Divine Treasury Spell


Level 9 Exclusive Material

Symbol III

Symbol IV


Level 10 Exclusive Material

Solar Consciousness Tool Four

Solar Consciousness Tool Five


Level 11 Exclusive Material

Mathematical Pattern Two

Mathematical Pattern Three


Level 12 Exclusive Material

Sephirotic Energy for Success and Health

Bonus Sephirotic Energy Patterns

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