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Common and Uncommon Ground: Truth hidden in plain sight

Mon, 01 Aug 2016 09:34:18 GMT

It is literally the eleventh hour of the last day of July, and I am hoping my contribution counts for July. My mind is confused and simultaneously soaking up the article on Alchemy, the Jade Emperor as well as reading and rereading the book on the Order of the Red Dragon. This morning I performed one of the rituals at sunrise, and felt like I was dropping a message in a bottle into the ocean, not knowing if anyone would find it, but feeling the intention literally going out to sea. Since reading the book, I have had flashes of remember moments in my life that were significant, but consciously did not make any sense. Moments that appeared small on the outside, but on the inside I could feel wheels turning, knowing something significant had happened. Having said that, I would like to share a vision I had while meditating this past week. I was looking out the window of a combination platform/shuttle. I was looking through a window, and seeing the earth below. I was not quite in deep space, but the earth was much smaller than if I was on a plane. I was most definitely on som e kind of space craft. There was a woman with her child, rather distraught, and then two people beside them, almost numb. I could see in their eyes how surreal the experience was to them. I was not afraid, and was peaceful. Then I heard everyone on board receive a telepathic message. Just a simple, "welcome" in a male voice. I knew at that point that I had left Earth and was heading to my new home. When I came out of meditation I felt as if I was assimilating news of some kind. I share this, because I felt a similar experience reading the Alchemy paper, as well as the Jade Emperor. The Jade Emperor came to me in a vision in September 2012, dancing on a cloud, right at a time in my life when I was clearing financial karma. The alchemy article came to me as I can feel the book working into my psyche. I am so so grateful for the gifts we are being given. I bow to Astarte, Medicine Buddha, Kwan Yin, Father Djanthi and Mother Ma'at. I love you, my community. Thank you for the taste of coming home.