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Continued Reflections on How To Turn Your Desires and Ideals Into Relaity

Wed, 24 Aug 2016 21:17:54 GMT

As I continue to read through this article and reflect I have come to realize that I have unconsciously been engaging in working and manifesting Ideals into my current reality of life. The author refers to it as engaging in three very specific activities 1) The Ideal Of Something Desired; 2) The Process That Leads to Attaining It; 3) The Act of Making the Reality Yours. Of course I have never thought of what I do in these terms and I'm quite pleased to know that some innate part of my being just knows what is needed and guides me to make it happen ( from teaching and executing lessons to working on my solar work). I have always realized that we have to work in order to make things happen ( although I must admit that at times I have been undisciplined and suffered the consequences ;) ) and nothing will happen if I just sit around wishing for a change. I like how the author has broken down each step. I realize that I have always thought of myself as visualizing what was needed but now recognize that it is actually the Idealization part of my consciousness that allowed the ideals to actually be. This is especially true as I have made shifts within myself to living a more spiritual life. In essence I have begun to work my MAGIC (Manifesting All Guided Ideals Concretely). I get it now- by finding my ideals I am able to empower them with my personal love, compassion, joy etc and move them with the infinite energy stored within and Power it to life. I continue to be Grateful for being on this journey and as I write this I move forward in bringing forth all my Ideals into existence. Our Universe is limitless. Peace til next time.