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Deepening Connection and Gratitude

Fri, 01 Jul 2016 03:23:27 GMT

Since the New York Paradosis, I have been both having more conscious memory of the Dreamtime, seeing Tybro family in the classroom, time with ancestors and also more connection, gratitude and love for all the things happening in this lifetime. When I saw Master in May, he told me to up the amount of sunlight I was taking in. I thought working with the Solar Talisman was enough, plus taking some photos and videos. Shortly after I had a dream, where I took a plant out of a cupboard. It had one yellowing leaf. I knew at that point it was confirmation I needed more. Even though we live in Hawaii, we cannot see any early morning sunrise light because we live in a valley, and often starting in the early afternoon, it is very cloudy. I still do the Talisman, but I have greatly increased my use of the Solar Attunements and am working more with the Solar Tablet. I resisted the solar attunements, because I did not think it was as powerful as the Sun, but it is working. What I would like to share with you, my family, is the Sun is shining the light on the areas of my life that are ready to take in more sunlight, literally. I love my husband. He has a heart of gold. I have seen him struggling with stress, trying to make a house happen here on Oahu. I have been noticing that taking in more sunlight is actually helping him. Suddenly he is taking in more sunlight. This all sounds mundane, but it is seeping into nooks and crannies, just like holding a piece of broken mirror (like Master wrote about in the Living Soul material) and shining a light in the dark places. I have also been remembering more dreams in the classroom with Master and all of you. Last night, I was meeting Master and the Tybro community. There was a dear friend from Holland that was there with us. She has sent me some photos she has taken of the Sun. In the dream, we were in the fourth dimension, but I was also cognizant of the third and fourth at the same time. I could also tell that Master was in neither of these dimensions when he was teaching. He was in his light form. He was telepathically communicating with us. I could not see him, but could see his Light Form and also hear his voice telepathically. He was explaining different choices; not telling us what to do, but explaining different options we had in that specific dimension. Probably the most ecstatic dream I have had in the past two weeks or so, was this huge celebration for my ancestors. I did a ritual to help my ancestors. The next evening I had a very lucid dream of this huge party. My ancestors were there, and all of them were eating prime rib! The plates were two feet tall. Besides the gigantic flank of meat, there were spare ribs in the shape of a Solar Cross, then vegetables on top of that, and then either a very large red radish, or a small red delicious apple. The plates were literally stacked with food a couple feet tall. Normally at parties I tend to pick up plates and help put things away. I reached over to take this gentleman's plate, and I heard him say, "Please don't take that. Look at it!: When I looked, I saw what I just described. I have been doing ancestral offerings for years, but I have burned more money than I have given food. I had such a joyful feeling in my heart when I woke up, I am convinced my ancestors received a boon. Recently, I found out just how much poverty has been in my ancestry. Tons. People migrating with nothing, working as miners, police officers with a half dozen kids, and living through the depression. I want my ancestors to be happy and taken care of. I want them to have more than the basics, so when they choose to reincarnate, they can focus on enlightenment and not just surviving. More and more I am feeling the dreamtime is literally not just another part of my life, but a much more powerful part of my existence, trying to help me here in this third dimensional density. The other thing I would like to share is my growing connection with Abraxax. I felt Abraxax asking me to sing and play the bowls this week. I started to write him a song. These parts of me that I have put on the back burner, that were so important for so many years, are starting to come back, with the power of prayer behind them. I can FEEL my community more. I am consciously seeing you all more. And it is so good to see Master. Mahalo e nui loa for allowing me to share this. The Gods, Goddesses and Angels have blessed me and my ancestors with a miracle lately, and I am so so grateful!!! Feeling more connection, feeling the mantras move through the void of my human mouth through the sound, and anchored in the center of my heart, there is this sense that all is well, and will continue to be well. Thank you so much for allowing me to share. I thank Master, Acharya and the Order for this opportunity to be here with You. Sending you all much love, on my knees. I look forward to seeing you in class and in Mede in the Dreamtime. Much, much love and aloha~ Leigh Ann