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First Thoughts on How To Turn Your Desires and Ideals Into Reality-Brown Landone

Tue, 16 Aug 2016 16:01:04 GMT

Excitted to be here tybro Family. I often asked to be guided and helped along the way to more concrete understandings of the world around us and how to tap in it's magic. I'm pleased that the universe has guided me to Tybro by way of connecting with some phenomenal people along the way. As I have begun to read the first four chapters of this authors work, I am struck by the mere simplicity of the concepts of Ideas and Ideals that have such depths in how we approach conscious thought. I personally have not ever thought about these two words in the manner in which the author presented. However, as I continue to read I now know that I have been somewhat just living in the world of ideas and on occasion I have manifested Ideals. I now realize that I have never differentiated between the two. Ideas are essentially just concepts that has not come to life and been materialized. Wow!!! SO simple but deep in its ability to affect our conscious thoughts. Ideals I now know is where its at. I takes these ideas/desires now and move them into becoming Ideals that will in turn manife st into Reality... As I continued to read the this article it touched on how self Doubts can interfere with the process of manifesting Ideals and how it all ties into concepts of matter. Thoughts are a form of matter leading to empowering ones ideals into reality. it is infinite energy. concepts of faith are just blind (Blind faith ) hence nothing manifests in its true form.It is through Ideals that thee substance of things that are true can manifest. On side note these first few chapters also made me think about concepts of Ma'at (Balance) specifically 42 Ideals/Laws that help to govern an ancient society of kemetic (egyptian )peoples so long ago. okay that's it for now, just some musing on what I have read thus far. Sending Love and Light to All that you Do. Amani