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Notes on the Solar Card

Fri, 24 Jun 2016 01:56:44 GMT

Notes on The Solar Card i was introduced to the Thoth Tarot in Ecuador, spring 2009. it was the year of my "galactivation"... miraculous, magical things were percolating, consciously enchanting every aspect of my life... in Dreamtime i was introduced 2 the woman i traveled to S. America to meet... she was the 1st person i met who didn't see themselves as human... she taught me many, many things... she said the Emerald Tablets are the only true holy scripture on this garden (planet)... & this Tarot was the only one with power... i searched 4 it in the states but it was discontinued... today it is available again for a reasonable price... for now i pulled up the Sun card on the Internet... just seeing this card & this deck are highly emotional for me... reasons which will take me way off the purpose of this writing... so here are my reacquainted first impressions before reviewing the material... the card is number 19... which from my Sufi background strikes me as the number 19 is the mathematical code of the Quran... the Sun is also the 91st su'rah of the Quran as well... Next i see the 12 disciplines, phases of the zodiac encompassing the image... the Sun is depicted as a hyper-lucent Flower of Life, a force both centripetal & centrifugal... with many interior chambers... the outermost Rays depict the various phases & factors of the Sun, from deep Red, Orange, Yellow, & White.... the Chakral colors of Violet, Blue, Green can be seen at the perimeter... 2 golden haired youths are dancing, leaping in Joy, arms raised to the Sun with Golden Butterfly-like wings on their back in front of a "serpent mound" crowned with sort of a snake-skin Solar Corona... it is a very profound image... Rich with symbolism. i shall now begin the text... Thank you!

Fri, 24 Jun 2016 16:37:51 GMT

thank you

Sun, 03 Jul 2016 22:20:19 GMT

Wow thanks for the share. Id be very interested in hearing more of your Sufi exploits. For some reason its a tradition that super duper lights my imagination. But I may investigate that particular set of Tarot cards 'Thoths'...your tale intrigues me. So much is just popping off in my head regarding this solar card and the 12 keys...... i really dont know where to start. But start I will.