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The Solar Card - Notes

Mon, 05 Sep 2016 16:01:57 GMT

Buying the tarot card for the first time was quite fun. The Rider-Waits tarot is what I have now, and the notes inside the card stated the person who did the drawings was Miss Pamela Colman Smith. She was a member of the Order of the Golden Dawn. This version of the Sun Card has a child on a unicorn. Not two children. The child is holding a red flag, and has a red feather on his/her head. The feather is on a crown of sunflowers. There are 7 total on the child’s head, and 4 sunflowers on the background. 11 sunflowers total. There are 11 wave rays, and 11 straight rays emitting from the Sun. Not sure why there are only 11 on this version. If the children represent Gemini, then you can state all 12 signs are there. The card described in the document has 12 rays. The same day I bought the Tarot a waitress took my plate, and on her arm was a tattoo of the Gemini sign. Strange. Gemini represent Apollo, the Sun God. The two children on the card described in the document are the purest expression of possible male and female principles. They Represent Gemini. We all reside in the Sun. In order to develop further in the path this it is very important to develop a relationship with the Sun. Master Gibson has stressed this many times. This must be why the Sun Card is being brought to our attention 1st. Everything comes from the Sun. It will start the path to enlightenment. But one must tread carefully, they state, as it is both the path to destruction as well as growth. Perhaps that is what the Children can represent: growth, new innocence. Backwards birth. “70% of Qabalah is an inward experience.” Perhaps the unicorn in the Rider-Waits version means the inward journey/the spirit. The unicorn is the spirit. The Child is riding the unicorn in this version of cards, after all I enjoy leaning about the Tarot, and the deep symbolism of the card. Thank you.