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This site is divided into levels. After each month, a member will be promoted to the next level and have access to new material. As a member of this site, every month you will receive:

  • A knowledge paper designed to challenge you and help you evolve spiritually.
    • These are specially handpicked books and papers from thousands of sources that are tailored to help one grow substantially.
  • A power spiritual tablet that will help you evolve your consciousness and change your life in the areas of prosperity, health, protection, relationships, and more!
    • These tablets will not be offered anywhere else. They are very powerful and can drastically improve your life. ($150 Value)
  • A special bonus item – it could be anything from a divine letter to a specially crafted video for entertainment/evolution.
  • Access to the Forum Focus area only visible to members of this site.
    • Here you can ask any spiritual question they you have and it will be discussed among peers who have similar desires to learn and grow. Take advantage of a judgment free zone to ask questions you may not feel comfortable asking anywhere else.
  • Facebook Updates of uplifting posts and new releases.
  • A calendar of the upcoming events.


  • We have been gifted with special work from the Order of the Red Dragon.
  • This is Initiate level work.
  • It is unpublished information that can only be received from The Order.
  • This information can only be accessed by members of Tybro Knowledge Papers and should NOT be shared.
  • We will begin releasing these as Knowledge Papers for Level 7 members and up, starting June 2016.



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